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Report should be under following heads-
1. Date of CME – 18.7.2018
2. Theme of CME – Challenges in infertility along with installation of new IFS Haryana
Chapter for year 2018 – 2020
3. Registeration – complementary
4. Faculty attended (no) 22
-Central 8
– Local 14
5. Delegates – 76
6. Guest of honour – Dr Gouri Devi
7. Chief Guest – Dr Alka Kriplani
8. Press coverage – no
9. Points for improvement – To start on time so that we can do justice to last session
10. Suggestion for the secretariat – nil
11. Money to be paid to the secretariat as applicable – nil
12. No.of meetings done by the chapter in the calender year.2018- 2019 = 1 done , 5 more to go
Succesful installation of new team of Ifs Haryana chapter & CME on challenges in infertility” at galaxy hotel-Gurgaon on 18th July.
Wonderful national faculty Dr. Alka Kriplani ma’am, Dr. Sonia Malik mam, Dr. K.D Nayar Sir, Dr. Pankaj Talwar Sir and Dr. Bharti Dhorepatil from Pune. 98 fertility specialist & gynaecologist attended it. Mesmerising talk on Adenomyosis by chief guest Dr. Alka Kriplani mam, Crystal clear talk by Dr. Pankaj Talwar on “Demystifying semen analysis & wonderful interactive panel by Dr. Bharti Dhorepatil & Dr. Neeru Thakral on “ Recurrent implantation failure with expert panellist from all over Delhi and NCR. Vision of IFS was shared by Dr Sonia Malik and Dr Pankaj Talwar and vision of Haryana chapter was shared by Dr Neeru Thakral. Talks and Panel were well appreciated by all.

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