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President's Message,

Dear Members,
Greetings form the new Executive Team 2016-18 of the Indian Fertility Society!

It is absolutely wonderful to see the IFS grown from a tiny plumule to an unbelievable strength of more than 1650 members now! This has been possible only due to the exemplary efforts of our predecessors and enormous support from each one of you. It is with great humility and a deep sense of responsibility that my team takes over the baton!

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IFS Chapters & Chapter Secretary

U.P Dr Ritu Khanna 9415226900 ritukhannayogesh@yahoo.co.in
Punjab Dr Kumud Pasricha 9876709795 kumudpasricha@hotmail.com
Haryana Dr Prabhjot Kaur 9992221444 drprabhjotknl@yahoo.co.in
Chattisgarh Dr Manoj Chellani 9826611688 drmanoj22@gmail.com
Maharashtra Dr Kishore Pandit 9860080000 drkishorepandit@hotmail.com
Rajasthan Dr Namita Kotia 9829069228/01412370271 namitakotia2000@yahoo.co.in
Gr. Chandigarh Dr Shalini Gainder 0172-2746345/9914208345/172-2772871/ 9815555732/9914208345 shalinilakhanpal@rediffmail.com
Vidharba Dr Rohini Dravid 93731006542/0712-2426071/07123204930 Mvdravid@yahoo.com
M.P Dr.Randhir Singh 9303133385 bttbcentre@gmail.com
Jammu Dr Anila Koul 9419133575 dr.anilakoul@gmail.com
Bihar Dr Anita Singh 9334111925 anitasinghob@gmail.com
Himachal Dr Alok Sharma 9418477725 md.alok@gmail.com
Kerala Dr K.U.Kunjimoideen 9895983376 drkmoideen@gmail.com
West Bengal Dr Konkon Mitra 9830150438 konkonmitra@gmail.com
Tamil Nadu & P.cherry Dr P.M. Gopinath 04426163884/9840888878 dgopinath@yahoo.com

Discussion Forum

Question : Should fertility treatment be given the status of a human right? At what stage do we consider the embryo a 'person'?

Answer: yes , fertility treatment be given the status of a human right .It appears logical that only after implantation the embryo can be called a person but if one can see the future where there is a possibility of artificial uterus then there will be no true implantation as we know today so again we may have to change the definition of start of life.Other point of view that embryo belongs to a specific couple who have contributed the gametes or have taken the gamete/s from donor and such couples have the same psychological bonding and binding as with a new born so the resultant embryoes has to be treated with the same diligence, care and respect.The embryo which has the potential to be human being also has the right to life, so should be considered as human being in making and its rights should be protected even before implantation.

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Brig. R K Sharma, Executive members, IFS

Question: Should access to genetic heritage be considered a personal right?

Answer: Yes, assess to genetic heritage should be considered a personal right but identity of the donor should be confidential otherwise no body will volunteer to be donor and may also harm the interest of the child as donor also may demand to know the identity of the baby with some ulterior motives,

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Brig. R K Sharma, Executive members, IFS