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How can multiple births in an ART clinic be regulated

Should we have a regulation towards the number of embryos transferred? Personally I think there should be. There seem to have been a slow progress in regulating the number of embryos transferred in IVF .The ICMR guide lines allows 2 embryos normally and 3 if there are previous failures. Competition between clinics and the drive for success are potent obstruction to change.To prevent multiple births , one can do a blastocyst transfer, results are good. If the lab conditions are not optimal and if a day 2/3 transfer is planned, 2 may be transferred. The American guidelines says Age <35 single embryo, 35—38yrs 2 embryos, 38—40: 2-3 embryos and >40 4 or more. As embryo reduction is permitted according to ICMR guidelines, any number of embryos are transferred and later fetal reduction is done. If national registries are in place these figures can be obtained and the clinics can be regulated so that we can avoid multiple pregnancies and the resulting morbidity.