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To apply for the Clinical Embryologist certification IFS applicants must:

Log Book of practical experience

When filling out the application form you also have to show that you have performed a minimum number of treatments during your years in the laboratory

Minimum number of cases for application as Embryologist:

Oocyte pick up 50
Semen analysis 50
Semen preparation 50
IVF Insemination 50
Zygote and embryo evaluation 50
Embryo Transfers 50
Cryopreservation of oocytes/embryos 50
Thawing/warming of oocytes/embryos 50

Please note that ALL methods need to be included in your logbook.

Example of how to fill in the logbook

If the procedure is still ongoing, don’t fill out a date but please write “still ongoing” on your printed logbook.

Type of Procedure No. of cycles in clinic < 12 months No. of own cycles in clinic < 12 months No. of own cycles in clinic in total Start date Stop date Signature applicant Signature supervisor
Oocyte pick up 350 59 536 January 1998 Still ongoing
Cryopreservation 0 0 400 May 1996 December 2005
ICSI 63 50 220 August 2004 Still ongoing

Please note that you do not have to fill every single case, but only the total number of cycles/cases of each method that you have performed during the period.