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Should fertility preservation be insurance covered in treatment of cancer patients?

I would say yes. First of all there is no international consensus on health insurance coverage of ART.Only about 30 countries had some form of insurance coverage which always had a limit. Insurance companies generally cover treatment of iatrogenic conditions such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy for Cancer breast and wigs for alopecia after chemotherapy, but not for natural thinning of hair. Ideally fertility preservation should be treated as an aftermath of cancer treatment .
Many insurance companies do not cover infertility and fertility preservation treatment , the reasons being , infertility treatments are experimental, they are elective or boutique treatment and not a medical one. Even CGHS reimburses only part of the treatment of IVF, and fertility preservation not at all. But in some Onco institutes ( www.oncofertility.Northwestern.edu) Fertility preservation has been billed under primary diagnosis of cancer and a secondary diagnosis of procreative management and the patients have been reimbursed. I think this is ideal.