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SIG Memberlist

IFS Special Interest Groups (SIG 2024-26) 
S.No. Name of the SIG  Post Name Contact No. Email Address Mentor Contact No. Email Address
1 Andrology Convenor Dr Gaurav Kant 9213656256 [email protected] Dr P M Gopinath 9840888878 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Vineet Malhotra 9350868268 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Sarabjeet Singh 9212607549 [email protected]
2 Applied Genetics Convenor Dr Deepak Modi 9987176249 [email protected] Dr Ratna Puri 9811869192   [email protected] 
    Co Convenor Dr Sheetal Jindal 97814 20503 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Varsha Samson 9880358422 [email protected]
3 Counselling & Patient Support Convenor Dr Poonam Nayar 9818536670 [email protected] Dr T. Ramani Devi 9443155282 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Anupama Bahadur 98103 26959 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Divyashree P.S 96633 51451 [email protected]
4 Early Pregnancy Convenor Dr Pikee saxena 98682 23323 [email protected]
Dr Sohani Verma 9810116623 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Anupam Gupta 9855525653 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Bindu Bajaj 9711067661 [email protected]
5 Embryology Convenor Dr Sarabpreet Singh 9899009497 [email protected] Dr N.C. Chimote 9923445243 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Pranay Ghosh 9953001858 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Pooja Awasthi 9999768625 [email protected]
6 Endometriosis  Convenor Dr Sweta Gupta 81301 40007 [email protected] Dr Roya Rozati 9849161421 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Sabina Sanan 8860162627 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Saumya Prasad 88602 95298 [email protected]
7 Endoscopy Convenor Dr Parul Kotadbala 9601011221 [email protected] Dr Kuldeep Jain 9810018951 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Desh Deepak 98290 38062 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Maansi Jain 98993 03627 [email protected]
8 Environment and Infertility Convenor Dr Sushma Deshmukh 9422103443 [email protected] Dr Gouri Devi 9810023111 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Diganta Chetia 9435103886 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Anju Mathur  98290 65401 [email protected]
9 Fertility Preservation Convenor Dr Reeta Mahey 98184 47845 [email protected] Dr Nalini Mahajan 9810087666 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Juhi Bharti 8527570849 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Jasneet Kaur 9728666342 [email protected]
10 Holistic Medicine  Convenor Dr Rajvi Mehta 98198 12919 [email protected] Dr Papa Dasri 9442566883 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Nikita Sobti 98990 45401 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Archana Kumari 9471521226 [email protected]
11 PCOS Convenor Dr Neeti Tiwari 9899470850 [email protected] Dr Mala Arora 9818676801 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Neelam Bapna 9828037529 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Parul Garg 98104 28242 [email protected]
12 POR (Poor ovarian response) Convenor Dr Surveen Ghumman 98104 75476 [email protected] Dr K D Nayar 98103 98765 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Renu Tanwar 99686 04352 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Ankita Sethi 9999766095 [email protected]
13 Reproductive Endocrinology Convenor Dr Puneet Rana Arora 83739 19305 [email protected] Dr Abha Majumdar 9810315807 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Rajapriya Ayyappan 7299647464 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Kokila Desai 98797 48760 [email protected]
14 Research & Methodology Convenor Dr Ruma Satwik 9810813213 [email protected] Dr Umesh Jindal 9876130501 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Garima Kapoor 9810504509 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr  Siddhartha Nagireddy 96771 97358 [email protected]
15 Ultrasound Convenor Dr Bharti Jain 97168 71247 [email protected] Dr Ashok Khurana 98117 13643 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Ritu Khanna 94152 26900 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Ladbans Kaur 98784 23222 [email protected]
16 Laws & ART Convenor Dr R S Sharma 9891052057 [email protected] Dr Sudha Prasad 9717110341 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Suneeta Chandra 94154 05091 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Madhab Chandra Das 9836152326 [email protected]
17 Quality Assurance & Control in ART Convenor Dr Ved Prakash 98104 30572 [email protected] (Brig) Dr R K Sharma 9810442301 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Yogesh 99688 17576 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Dayanidhi Kumar 9011803600 [email protected]
18 Public Awareness Convenor Dr Jayesh Amin 98243 02671 [email protected] Dr S.N Basu 9810119072 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Manjusha 98392 27478 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Kalpana  Singh 93341 04592 [email protected]
19 Female Genital Tract  Tuberculosis Convenor Dr Priya Bhave Chittawar 9202401676 [email protected] Dr Sonia Malik 9810122337 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Sonu Balhara 98114 09586 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Nitin Lad 9225100643 [email protected]
20 KPI & Audit Convenor Dr Gaurav Majumdar 9810794610 [email protected] Dr Venugopal 9846070109 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Bindu Chimote 98903 46199 [email protected]
    Co Convenor Dr Himanshu Roy 8002005005 [email protected]